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Briti Black Foundation a 501(c)(3) was created in 2019 as "The Brittany N Sparks Initiative" by Brittany widely known as Briti Black.Now in 2023 Brittany "Briti" has reformed and renamed the foundation as it is her passion to be there with her and others skills to help those and other foundations that are in need.

Humanitarian Needs
The Briti Black Foundation is there with the best of its capability to help our fellow human race.From homeless assistants, Woman's shelter & rights, S.W. Assistance, LGBTQ Support and Local initiative launch.

Animal Rights
The Briti Black Foundation actively supports and has answered the call to local shelters and foundationswith its resources to assits in the needs and growing over crowding,medical needs and new shelter building needs.

UpdatesIn Feb of 2024 Briti Black and Briti Black Foundation has been ongoing involved with two SC city council meetings in regards of moving forward with the building of homeless shelters and the expansion of local "soup kitchens"Both towns do not have any resources only relying on charities and do not have any homeless shelters.
In 2023 Briti Black Foundation has supported 13 Local Upstate SC Foundations, 1 in Chester County PA, 20 In Pennsylvania around the Philadelphia region.
Christmas 2023 Briti Black Foundation was able to delegate over 2,000 meal packages to those in need 1,000 in PA and another 1,000 in upstate SC.
For thanksgiving 2023 The Briti Black Foundation was able to donate over 200+ turkeys and 100+ food items to families in need.

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About | Briti Ghoul, is the Pro-Gaming & esports moniker of Briti.
Briti Ghoul currently games on FB, Kick & Twitch. Likewise She is prominently part of and works in the Esports arena teaming with Team D/G.

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Welcome to the only official rl* site of Briti Black/Briti GhoulBorn in Philadelphia PA as Brittany Feulner with Italian and German parents.Brittany N Sparks known professionally as Briti Black/Briti Ghoul is an American Director, Animator, Online Personality, Podcast Host, Streamer & Pro-Gamer.Based in South Carolina for most of her career, Briti rose to prominence with her widely popular 2018 short film "Yue Tu" amassing over 11 Million streams in total.Briti also currently is a Nurse and an EMT She has done work as a Flight Paramedic.She also holds certification as a lifeguard with deep water rescue certifications. She has worked with Universal Resorts as such.Briti is married to Director & Filmmaker Matthew L Sparks for 10 Years and have been together going on 13 years.
(*irl "In Real Life", *rl Real Life)